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Natural Drama Formula for Landscapes and Cityscapes
​​​​​​​LIVE From Tuscany With Serge Ramelli

About The Webinar

The 5 Step System To Natural Drama is the easiest-to-understand book ever written on Lightroom. In this book you will learn the secrets to taking stunning photos in all kinds of lighting and how to create those striking fine art black and whites using Lightroom.

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In this special LIVE training event in the heart of Tuscany, we will cover:

  • Bad Weather Photography

    How to take great photos in bad Weather or if you cannot be there for Sunset

  • Finding Your Own Unique Style
    What is the fastest way to find your style as a photographer.

  • The Natural Drama Formula

    How to achieve drama without going overboard and not over retouching your photos.

  • Serge Ramelli (Presenter)

    Webinar Host

  • Michael Mataluni

    Webinar Host

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