Spotlight on Changing Customer Service Needs

About the Webinar

One of the many changes faced by the Hospitality and Tourism industry as a result of the pandemic, is the change in customer needs and customer service expectations. The industry has had to pivot, which has led to both opportunity and challenges. Managers need to take time to consider the “new normal” now facing the industry and how best to manage customer service expectation as they lead the industry’s recovery.
This online session will be led by Marianne Hood of Marianne Hood Hospitality Solutions. With over 30 years operational and strategic experience in the hospitality sector, she will provide managers with guidance on identifying and understanding the changing needs of customers, how to develop tools to monitor feedback and satisfaction, and how to manage service standards post pandemic.

Lynda Bryans - Webinar Host
Belfast Metropolitan College

Marianne Hood - Owner
Marianne Hood Hospitality Solutions

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