Long-Term Care Advanced Class

Retirement is like climbing a mountain—in our working years, we’re ascending to the peak and accumulating funds for retirement. In our retirement years, we’re descending the mountain and distributing our hard-earned assets. Long-term care costs can significantly impact the quality of your retirement years, but there are ways you can prepare yourself and your family.
Join David Hollander, attorney and financial advisor, on 3/11 @ 5 pm PT for our advanced long-term care masterclass. This webinar will cover:

-What extended health care is and the two types of LTC protection
-Costs of long-term care and how you might pay for it
-Four important factors to consider when a loved one—or you—needs care
-Long-term care today and how it's changed

  • Liberty Group, LLC

    Webinar Host

  • David Hollander, Esq.

    Webinar Host

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