Stress or distress? 
Caring for your patient’s mental welfare
presented by Dr Aileen Pypers

About the Presentation

Join Afrivet’s webinar with Dr Aileen Pypers, where she will focus on understanding, recognising and diagnosing of stress in canine and feline patients and how to advise pet parents. 

  • Dr Aileen Pypers
    Aileen is the owner of Pets at Play Veterinary Behaviour Consultancy in the Western Cape. She receives referrals from veterinarians and behaviourists throughout South Africa and to date has seen over 400 behaviour cases.

    Aileen graduated in 2010 from the University of Pretoria and completed an honours level module in clinical behaviour medicine in 2013. She also has a Diploma in Higher Education from Stellenbosch University and is currently enrolled in a Masters in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law through Edinburgh University.

    ​​​​​​​She worked as a state veterinarian for a number of years, has served on the Animal Behaviour and Interaction Group and the Animal Ethics and Welfare Committee of the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) and currently serves on the management committee of the Cart Horse Protection Association, is a member of the Cape Animal Welfare Forum and an Associate of the Credence Institute.
    Aileen has a passion for teaching and has spoken on behavioural medicine topics at multiple conferences and CPD events. She lives in the Cape Winelands with her husband and a multitude of animals. She sings in a choir, dances lindy hop and crochets in her spare time.

  • Dr Aileen Pypers


  • Dr Elizna Boag

    Webinar Host

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