1-Hour Photography Training Rundown

Instant Natural Drama Formula Photography System
For Landscapes And Cityscapes​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

About The Webinar

5 Steps To Unforgettable Cityscapes: In this book you will learn the secrets to taking stunning photos in all kinds of lighting.

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In this special LIVE training event in the heart of Italy, we will cover:

  • Bad Weather Photography

    How to take great photos in bad Weather or if you cannot be there for Sunset

  • Finding Your Own Unique Style
    What is the fastest way to find your style as a photographer.

  • The Natural Drama Formula

    How to achieve drama without going overboard and not over retouching your photos.

  • Serge Ramelli (Presenter)

    Webinar Host

  • Michael Mataluni

    Webinar Host

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