Edge 3D for Industry

Panfocal Microscopy - Confocal-like results at 1/10th the price

Plug and Play 3D Conversion Kit for your 2D Microscope

Join Al Coritz, Technical and Applications Manager at Electron Microscopy Sciences and Gary Greenberg, Inventor of Edge 3D Panfocal Microscopy as they demonstrate how the conversion kit and software work as well as some fantastic images produced with the system.

  • Discussion based on specific Field of Study: Industry

    This is one of three webinars available.  Make sure you have selected the correct field of study.  This one focuses on Industry.

  • Register Early for complimentary 3D glasses

    Early registrants will find a link in their registration email to provide their information to receive glasses in time for the demonstration.

  • Uses your own Microscope

    Compatible with Upright or Inverted Microscopes with Reflected, Transmitted or Fluorescence illumination.

  • Prior Scientific Focus Drive

    The Prior Scientific Focus Drive fits over your microscope's focus knob to automate Z-Stacking

  • Edge 3D Panfocal Software

    The Edge 3D Panfocal Software controls your microscope's USB camera and focus know to produce stunning images.

  • Al Coritz

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

  • Gary Greenberg

    Edge 3D

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