Logipix Stadium Surveillance Solution

  • Complete solution

    Logipix developed a complete solution consisting of high-end Virtual Panorama Cameras, Network Video Recorders and Video Monitoring Software.

  • Adaptable camera structure

    The panoramic images are compiled from the images of individually installed 20 MP cameras using the Logipix Stitching Technology. Thanks to this solution, the system can be tailored to any stadium in any size, and easily restructured in case of future developments.

  • Face recognition at ecery seat

    The Logipix Virtual Panorama delivers 120-320 MP resolution videos, allowing face recognition at all seats in the stadium.

  • Irrefutable visual evidence

    The 20 fps Logipix panoramic stream consists of only JPEG2000 key frames. Each frame can serve as irrefutable visual evidence during investigation.

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