​​​​​​​Top Three Workplace Violence Program Essentials

Bring Your Safety Into Focus In 2020

A recent study revealed that 69% of organizations viewed an active assailant incident as a potential top threat, yet 79% of the studies’ respondents said their organizations were not fully prepared for an active assailant incident.

​​​​​​​Is YOUR organization prepared?

Join Trident Shield, the expert in safety training programs, for a webinar on the top three components for Workplace Violence Programs, designed to guide leadership on preparing their team and organization for various forms of workplace violence. 

This webinar will include discussion on the essential pillars of a comprehensive Workplace Violence Program, including Policies and Procedures, Physical Infrastructure, and Employee Training.  Session goals are to provide participants with an understanding of what needs to be included in their Workplace Violence Program and actionable steps and advice on how to implement each piece within their organization and culture.  

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Topics include:

  • Workplace Violence related policies and procedures that help to recognize, prevent, or diffuse violent acts and provide legal coverage for your organization.

  • Pros and cons on popular physical safety infrastructure measures, such as door lock technology and bullet-resistant security film.​​​​​​​

  • What to look for in your Workplace Violence/Active Shooter training and how to select the right vendor partner. 

  • Jason Perry, Founder & CEO

    Webinar Host

  • Lauren Perry, Founder & COO

    Webinar Host

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