The NEW Defensible Documentation- Beat Payers at their Own Game in an ICD-10 World

What we’ll cover in this event...


Everything you need to know about defensible documentation, decision making and strategies for ICD-10 coding in your private practice

>  Learn the most comprehensive definition of defensible documentation you have ever encountered, and how to finally get it right in your documentation
>  Guidelines for examination and decision making to establish medical necessity
>  Strategies for precise diagnostic coding in an ICD-10 world
>  How to appeal claim denials when the payer says the service was not 'medically necessary'

>  Documentation principles and behind the scenes audit prevention strategies (simple, easy ways to prevent audits)

  • Includes Handouts and a detailed medical necessity chart audit checklist

  • A complete analysis of the who, what and why of clinical documentation in an ICD-10 world. A webinar training that is a must-attend for every clinicin and biller

  • More and more payers are starting to twist the meaning of medical necessity, denying claims, expecting us to just roll over and accept denials. Tightening of payment guidelines, and using ICD-10 to demand even more 'medical necessity' with clinical documentation is a vicious cycle that will cripple payments. With this webinar training, you will discover how to play defense and offense at the same time, with defensive documentation in an ICD-10 world.

  • Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

    Webinar Host

  • Cheryl House RMC, CHI

    Webinar Host

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