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Natural hazards such as floods, bushfires, tropical cyclones, thunderstorms (including hail) and drought are often thought of and treated as independent events despite knowledge of this not being the case. Understanding the risk posed by these hazards and their relationship with atmospheric variability is of great importance in preparing for extreme events today and in the future under a changing climate. We look forward to sharing some of our work during our 2020 Seminar Series.

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  • Presentation 1

    * Introduction to Risk Frontiers Seminar Series 2020
    * Historical analysis of Australian compound disasters – Andrew Gissing

  • Presentation 2

    * Climate conditions preceding the 2019/20 compound event season – Dr Stuart Browning
    * Black Summer learnings and Risk Frontiers’ Submission to the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements – Dr James O’Brien, Lucinda Coates, Andrew Gissing, Dr Ryan Crompton

  • Presentation 3

    * Introduction to Risk Frontiers’ ‘ClimateGLOBE’ physical climate risk framework
    * Incorporating climate change scenarios into catastrophe loss models – Dr Mingzhu Wang, Dr Tom Mortlock, Dr Ryan Springall, Dr Ryan Crompton

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