The 5 Pillars Of A Great Estate Plan
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Why Most Estate Plans Fail And What To Do About It

About this Webinar

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​​​​​​​-- How to ensure your child's spouse does not end up with your assets

-- How to avoid being taken advantage of should you become incapacitated

-- How to avoid accidentally cutting your children out if your spouse remarries after you die 

​​​​​​​-- How to keep your assets out of the hands of your ex-spouse (especially important if you are divorced and have minor children)

​​​​-- How to make sure your troubled child's needs are met without giving them unfettered access to the assets

-- When it's OK to put your home in a trust . . . and when it isn't

​​​​​​​-- And much more!​​​​​

  • Robert Thomson, J.D.

    Attorney/Webinar Host

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