ISACA RTC May Chapter Meeting

Title: Practical Ethics / Crucial Communications

CPA’s and internal auditors face with complex decisions on a daily basis without realizing many of them are actually ethical dilemmas.  Although values and ethical issues pervade all social studies, this webinar provides attendees with an opportunity to study these issues in greater depth. This webinar will provide attendees with a basic understanding of their ethical obligations of auditors, as well as a framework for analyzing and managing complex ethical dilemmas that may arise in practice. 

Have great technical auditors that could use some help with their communication skills? Auditors who can communicate effectively are exponentially more effective than auditors who cannot. This webinar will give auditors of all levels an outline of how to optimize their communication skills.

  • Ben Hunter III

    Webinar Host

  • Danny Goldberg, CPA, CIA, CISA

    Webinar Host

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