Managing occular emergencies
Presented by Dr Izak Venter
Thursday 1 October,  7:30pm-9:00pm

About the presentation

During this talk managing ocular emergencies will be discussed. This will include corneal foreign bodies, corneal lacerations, iris prolapse, globe prolapse retrobulbar abscess hyphema, lens luxation and  glaucoma. The focus will be n diagnosing these conditions and giving practical advise on the management of these.

  • About Dr Izak Venter, BVSc, MMedVet Ophth
    In 1996 he founded the JHB animal Eye Hospital with Antony Goodhead and in 2011 Cape Animal eye Hospital with Dr’s Antony Goodhead and Lo-An Odayer. He was practicing as veterinary ophthalmologist from 1994 to 2019.  Since 1996 he was actively involved as lecturer at the veterinary faculty of the University of Pretoria lecturing both pre and post graduate students. He was Promotor of 3 MMedVet students and co promotor of 2 MMedVet students. Since 1996 he was a presenter of continuing professional education lectures for various events including SAVA & Vetlink congresses, Hong Kong University & Veterinary board CPD events.

    He no longer practices as a Veterinary Ophthalmologist and in 2020 founded Digital Veterinary Ophthalmology an online ophthalmology educational service.

  • Dr Izak Venter


  • Dr Guy Fyvie

    Webinar Host

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