SAVA Pretoria Branch CPD Webinar hosted by Zoetis
Including Apoquel in the investigation and treatment of pruritic skin disease in dogs
presented by Prof. Andrew Leisewitz

Including Apoquel in the investigation and treatment of pruritic skin disease in dogs

  • About the presentation
    We have a new kid on the dermatological block. Apoquel (oclacitinib) has been long-awaited and long anticipated and it will in all likelihood be one of the most significant veterinary pharmacological innervations of recent decades to hit our market. It changes the way we are able to both diagnose and manage the allergic causes of pruritus in dogs. Great drugs sometimes get a bad rap (which they really don't deserve) when they are poorly understood and not properly applied or integrated into patient care. Apoquel is not a replacement for the need to investigate causes of allergic dermatitis - it actually enables a more complete investigation and facilitates client trust during what used to be a difficult process of investigating the causes of pruritus in dogs. Owners seek veterinary care for dogs that itch because they want the itch to stop. Now we have a safe drug (certainly nothing like a steroid) that will allow for the proper investigation of the various causes of allergy, enabling a proper diagnosis, whilst providing side effect free itch relief. If atopy is the final diagnosis, we have a safe drug that can be applied life-long, without the serious side effects of a steroid. Diagnosing and managing the itchy dog problem just became very doable! Learn to incorporate this 'new kid' into your daily dermatological practice. 

  • About Prof. Andy Leisewitz
    Andrew Leisewitz graduated with his BVSc degree in 1987. This was followed by an Hons in 1991, an MMedVet(Med) in 1995 and a PhD in 2006. Andrew was appointed as a senior lecturer in the then Department of Medicine at Onderstepoort in June 1990. He is been a full professor of Companion Animal Clinical Studies since 1995 and is a diplomat of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine – Companion Animals. He has worked as a specialist clinician in the Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital for nearly 30 years. `He runs a dermatology referral clinic within the Onderstepoort Veterinary Hospital and has initiated a dermatology specific internship at the Faculty which will run for the first time in 2019. He is an active teacher of undergraduate and post graduate veterinary students, and is a frequently invited speaker and presenter of continuing education for the profession in the sub-region. His research focusses on understanding the mechanisms of infectious disease making use of canine babesiosis and distemper virus infection as models for this work.

  • Prof. Andy Leisewitz

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