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How to use the Covid crisis to develop adaptive leaders & organisations

About The Virtual Event

It would be a tragedy if your organisation survived the Covid crisis, and then succumbs to one of the other disruptions coming our way in the next few years.

The Covid crisis is not the last disruption we will face in the 2020s. It is merely the dress rehearsal for a series of disruptions we need to deal with.

Do you have a strategy to become more adaptable and future-proof your organisation against the next disruption?

On Wednesday 16th December 2020 at 5 pm IST

Graeme Codrington will be sharing his insightful thoughts on proactively preparing for the rest of 2020s and beyond.   

Over a 60 minute conversation, Graeme will share how we can use the Covid Crisis as a blessing to quickly develop adaptive leaders and organisations who will help the company not just survive but thrive for the disruptive times ahead of us.

Meet Graeme Codrington:

1. CEO: TomorrowToday Global
2. Co-founder : The Future of Work Academy
3. Author: 6 best-selling books - Latest -  “Leading in a Changing World”. 
4. Developer: Hot selling “Dealing with Disruption” online course

Few Past Clients:  Boeing, Credit Suisse, Anglo American, NEC, KPMG, Nestle, Nike, Sanofi, Husqvarna and Top business schools including GIBS, Cornell, Duke & London Business School.

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  • Graeme Codrington

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