Kafka Automated Testing

In this introductory session we will demonstrate the basics of automating testing for Kafka services and connected microservices, using practical examples that require no existing knowledge.

Session Topics

In today's microservices driven ecosystem, Kafka realtime data streaming is a critical component of many applications.  If you are struggling to establish a comprehensive test approach for Kafka and APIs, you are not alone.  In this session we will cover some of the basic challenges many organisations face, providing practical solutions.

  • Rapidly establishing a setup for Kafka testing

    We will demostrate how rapidly a setup for Kafka testing can be established.  Accessible for manual testers and developers.

  • Optimising reporting and workflow

    Overall test efficiency is dependent on good reporting and workflow.  We will demonstrate how to achieve this.

  • Rapidly automate your testing

    We will show you how to easily automate your suite of tests to further increase efficiency.

  • Nirmal Nayak

    Webinar Host (& Test Automation Innovator)

  • Sameer Shah

    Webinar Host (& API Test Automation Guru)

  • Zerocode Samurai

    Our Next-Gen tooling will be appearing throughout!!

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