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Climate movements and funders: A crucial relationship

About The Webinar

If the next decade is a flashpoint for the world’s future, the relationship between climate movements working on the ground and the funders who support them is becoming yet more crucial.

​​​​​​​Following Alliance magazine’s recent issue on social movements, we are turning the lens to hear insights from funders of climate movements, as well as from movements themselves, on what is needed to work together more effectively in the face of the climate crisis.

  • What role should funders of climate movements play in mobilising public support for urgent action?

  • What are the insights that guide climate funders? For such a broad, yet critical, area - how do funders choose what to focus on?

  • In the lead up to COP26, what do climate movements feel funders should be focusing on? Conversely, what do funders want climate movements to be
    ​​​​​​​focusing on?

  • What are the most critical actions that both funders and climate movements need to make right now?

  • Elika Roohi

    Moderator, Alliance magazine

  • Sonia Medina


  • Nnimmo Bassey

    Global Greengrants Fund / Health of Mother Earth Foundation

  • Clare Farrell

    Extinction Rebellion

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