Understanding Brain Nutrition, Stress, and Mental Health​​​​​​​
How to feed your brain for real wellness.

About The Webinar

Is stress and anxiety taking the most OUT of you? 

Are you worried that as your life changes, that your work life will not be the same?

As your personal life evolves, your work life will too. And we know that can be stressful. The truth is…

Stress is the underlying cause of more than 40 different diseases that can and often WILL impact every organ of your body. And that can really affect every aspect of your home and worklife.

But, even with this knowledge, how do you eliminate stress and anxiety in the “new normal”...?

Especially when you get back to the office…. And start traveling again... and all of the things start to pile up. And the stress gets worse.

You have so much riding on your mental health - so don’t take it lightly... 

That’s why we want to make sure you have the tools you need to mitigate stress and anxiety so you can feel like yourself again.

We will spend 60 minutes delving into:

  • Understanding how stress really impacts your body and mind;

  • ​​​​​​​The strategies of improving mental well-being at home, at work, and wherever you are;
  • What foods truly nourish your brain and allow you to perform at your very best.

  • Edyta Satchell

    Webinar Host

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