Use These 3 Steps to Win Thousands of Dollars in College Scholarships - Without  Feeling Stressed, Overwhelmed, or Frustrated!

During this free training, learn how I walked away from my dream college with over $50,000 in grants and scholarships - without a 4.0 GPA, perfect test scores, or an amazing athletic ability - and graduated debt-free!

What You Will Learn In The Masterclass

  • How to use my simple 3-step scholarship strategy that has allowed my clients to win hundreds of thousands for college - glory be to God!

  • How to create an air-tight plan to help you secure thousands of dollars in scholarships in 2022.

  • The biggest secret that high-earning scholarship winners consistently use

  • How to pick winning essay topics that will wow the judges

  • How to effectively navigate some of the best scholarship websites out there

My Background

As a student, I was blessed to receive over $50,000 in scholarships and grants. As a former classroom teacher, I love helping others. I started SheEdits to help others with the scholarship process, and am truly passionate about getting money in people’s pockets.

Glory be to God, our clients have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and we’d love for you to be next. Register today to get started on your journey to graduating debt-free!

  • Brianna Membres

    Webinar Host

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