CLE Webinar

Advanced Diagnostics for Personal Injury Patients: AOMSI X-ray Analysis

In this webinar, Dr. Kelley S. Mulhern will show how using Advanced Diagnostics AOMSI (Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity) can help clearly define the level and extent of Ligament Laxity injuries in Personal Injury cases.

Webinar Presenters

  • Dr. Kelley S. Mulhern, MS, DC, MPH, CFMP

    Webinar Host

What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • What is Ligament Laxity?

    Get a CLEAR understanding what a Ligament Laxity injury is in the body.

  • How do we indentify Ligament Laxity?

    What tools can we use to identify the presense of Ligament Laxity.

  • What is Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity (AOMSI)?

    Understand how AOMSI analysis can be used to quantify the extent of Ligament Laxity.

  • Properly documenting a Ligament Laxity injury.

    Understand how an AOMSI report shows objective evidence of Ligament Laxity injuries and how this technology has survived the Daubert challenge in court.

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