Reef Point Webinar 

Guidelines for a Deferred Sales Trust to Qualify

Webinar Overview:

By  attending our webinar on the Guidelines for a Deferred Sales Trust to Qualify, you'll gain invaluable insights and strategies to optimize your tax planning when selling appreciated assets. Discover whether a Deferred Sales Trust is suitable for your situation and learn essential guidelines to deferring capital gain through a DST. With expert guidance, you'll understand the steps involved in structuring and implementing a DST effectively, navigating complex tax regulations and trust requirements with confidence. Access to valuable resources and tools will support your tax planning efforts, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your financial goals.

  • Understanding the Minimum Viable Transaction

    Learn about the necessary components of a bona fide, third-party trust structure to ensure your DST qualifies for capital gains tax deferral.

  • Importance of an Independent Trustee

    Gain insights into the role of an independent trustee in maintaining the legitimacy of the DST.

  • Procedures for Asset Transfer

    Explore the process of transferring assets to the DST and the significance of avoiding actual or constructive receipt of sales proceeds.

  • Legitimacy of Asset Ownership Transfer

    Understand the requirements for legitimate asset ownership transfer to the trust before a sale.

  • Greg Reese

    Reef Point, President and CEO

  • Paul Brar

    Reef Point, Director of Business Development

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