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Cosmetic Preservation - The New Reality

About the Webinar

Preservatives are an integral part of cosmetic formulations and consumer safety. They help to prevent microbial contamination, not only to protect the freshness of the product, but to also keep consumers safe from harmful microorganisms.

In a world of changing consumer expectations, market trends, individual company policies and updated regulations, formulators need to be increasingly creative by using innovative antimicrobial ingredients and combinations to deliver safe and effective products to the personal care and cosmetic market. Let’s review the current regulatory environment and toolbox of noncontroversial preservative and multifunctional ingredients available to industry professionals.

Speaker bio:  Susan Pungitore has a Master’s Degree in Biology and over 18 years of experience in the cosmetics and beauty care industry. As a senior researcher at the wet-wipe manufacturer Nice-Pak, she was responsible for the marketing and clinical studies of FDA-approved topical skin antiseptic products. She also marketed and developed EPA-registered disinfectant and sanitizer products. Prior to that, she worked at chemical company ISP (currently Ashland) and cosmetics manufacturer Avon. At the latter, she coordinated microbiological tests in research and product development, covering an extensive assortment of cosmetic and personal care formulations.

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