Attention business owners ready to be seen as the experts you are...  Create Your Own Video Content Plan in 4 Easy Steps!

About The Webinar

93% of people say they have made a sale through a video on social media!  That is a staggering number!  We are in the era of video and you need to start using video now and stop missing the opportunities! 

Introducing SHOW, my unique formula to ensure you know how to create your own personalised video content strategy and understand how to structure your knowledge into easy bitesize video content that can increase your visbility, opportunities and position your as an expert in your field.

Spend an hour with me to understand how to get started!

  • Select your who - We focus on what your obective is for creating content as well as who your customer is.  Once we have established this we take a look at yo

  • Harness your topic - Explore where your expertise lies and your areas of passion and start breaking down your knowledge into Content Themes and Content Strands which will form the basis of your video content plan.

  • Optimise your video - Time to think about logistics, assessing the right location to film in, understanding how to film the best video, and prioritising scheduling of our content to ensure results.

  • Watch the opportunities pour in - How do we ensure new opportunities are generated through our video content?  We explore potential partners and potential sponosors and understand the difference.  We also take a look at how best to leverge different social media platforms to ensure your videos get infront of the right audience to ahieve our ROI.

  • BONUS: Trend Alert - We take a look at the latest video and social media trends that you should be aware of when developing your content.

  • Reim El Houni

    Webinar Host & Your Content Creation Coach

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