How to use Google Ads to
Get 10 New Mortgage Clients in the Next 10 Weeks

Join me for this free masterclass where I'll be taking you behind the scenes and showing you the exact Google Ads strategies that I use with my paying clients to generate them a consistent and predictable supply of warm mortgage leads quickly and profitably

What You'll Get From This Training

Most free webinars don't provide any real training at all. They tell you WHY you should use Google Ads and tell you what makes it so great, but they never get to the detail of HOW you use Google Ads to generate your own leads.

This masterclass is different. As well as explaining why you should be using Google Ads to generate mortgage leads from your own website, I'll be showing you exactly how it's done. You'll learn all the steps required to set up a simple but effective Google Ads campaign that can get you ten new clients in the next ten weeks and which could easily generate an additional £100,000 per year profit for your business.

Places are limited so make sure you secure your spot now. Simply click the Register button below and pick your preferred date.

  • Step-by-step training - everything you need to know to build a Google Ads campaign the right way (including which of Google's deadly default options you need to untick)

  • Proven ad strategies - see the type of ad copy I use to attract people who are looking for mortgage advice right now

  • Rapid implementation - with this training you can have your ads up and running in a matter of hours and be generating leads the same day

  • David Miles

    Webinar Host

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