Cast Connex Fall Webinar Series

Steel Castings for Complex and Heavily Loaded Connections

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  • Michael Gray, Ph.D., P.Eng., Executive Vice President, Cast Connex

    Michael is a co-founder and Executive VP of Cast Connex. He possesses a Doctorate in Civil Engineering and has co-developed several patented devices for seismic performance of steel structures.

  • Solve Challenges Creatively

    The use of steel castings in building and bridge design is ever increasing. The freeform geometry inherent in the steel casting manufacturing process has led to castings becoming a preferred solution for architecturally exposed steel connections. However, freedom of geometry can also be leveraged to provide elegant solutions to the most difficult engineering challenges

  • Think Big

    We’ll take a look at some big, tough steel castings that are used to simplify design, fabrication and erection of complex structural connections, and examine their specification and design.

  • Get the Tools You Need to Design & Specify (free)

    Stay until the end to access free downloads and tools that will keep you inspired and help take your designs to the next level. 

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