Build successful reading programs in 2021

What are the practices that drive of high-engagement reading programs?

How can you build and deploy quality reading programs regardless of how you deliver programming in 2021?

We will show you the practices that schools and libraries are doing now to host amazing reading programs. These strategies will save you time and increase engagement in your reading programs.​​​

In this live webinar you will learn:

  • How to deploy reading programs that engage readers of all ages.
    We will discuss simple tactics that will increase engagement with your entire community. 

  • How to run programs that adapt to the needs of your reading community.
    Learn how to make adjustments to reading programs in real time to meet readers where they are.

  • Learn how to report reading success to your community and stakeholders.
    See how reporting reading data truly can build a culture of reading in your school or library.

  • Jake Ball

    Founder of Reader Zone

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