3 Keys to building successful reading programs this Fall

What are the principles of quality reading programs? How can you build and deploy engaging reading program regardless of how schools will deliver education this year?

We will show you what schools and libraries are doing now to host amazing reading programs. These strategies will save you time and increase engagement in your school or library reading progams.
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In this Live Training You Will Learn

  • How to get better results than previous years even in a blended learning environment
    We will discuss simple tactics that will give you the results you need for your reading program.

  • How to run a program that engages the children and involves the parents
    We will discuss the key ingredients and strategies that will guarantee full engagement.

  • Save hours of wasted admin time in running programs
    See how our strategies will actually save you time that you can use to enhance and develop your programs.

  • Jake Ball

    Webinar Host

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