How to Prepare, Take, and Pass the Civil PE Exam!

About The Webinar

Are you just beginning to study for the PE exam?

Have you been procrastinating (we all do)?

​​​​​​​Maybe you've taken it before but didn't pass?

If any of these fit you, then this free training is perfectly designed to help you out.  You'll learn about five major tips that will help launch you to success and kickstart your study efforts so you can find success.

  • Resource Review: come learn what you really need to bring with you into the exam.  We'll cover the best material to study from for your breadth section and where to get your material for your depth section.

  • Exam Strategies:  we will cover exam testing strategies, how to properly guess, and other tips that you'll not want to miss out on.

  • Specification Review: we'll cover some of the NCEES specifications including some key stats that you really must pay attention too.

  • Effective Study Strategies: creating a study schedule is a must.  We'll cover how to do that and answer some of the most commen questions asked including "how much time do I really need to study for this?" and "Is the exam hard?"

  • Isaac Oakeson, PE

    Hi, I'm Isaac Oakeson and I founded Civil Engineering Academy. I took and passed the civil PE exam in 2012 and ever since then I've wanted to help others do the same. Let me help you!

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