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About The Webinar

Do you dread going into the office and rather work from home or wherever you want? 

​​​​​​​With 74% of U.S. companies offering hybrid remote work opportunities and 16% of companies having a 100% remote workforce, you have a good chance of getting a remote job to pivot to location independence. And those percentages continue to rise.

Add to that, the number of small businesses and online creators that hire for remote side hustle opportunities and freelance opportunities will make you never want to step into an office again.

You deserve to make money in a flexible way that gives you the freedom to live your life.

Hi 👋  I’m Daniella Flores and I'm a 100% remote engineer, remote side hustler, and the founder of iliketodabble.com - a free money, career, and side hustle resource platform for creatives and LGBTQ+ folks.

I’ve been working remote for my entire career since my very first job out of college as a web engineer. Wow, that was 11 years ago! I’ve worked as a hybrid remote worker, full time remote worker, and even was able to negotiate full time remote work at my last 2 employers which allowed my wife and I to move 2100 miles away to our dream location.

Now we both work completely remote.

Remote jobs and remote side hustles have been the ultimate life hack and wealth builder for us. We no longer have to plan our lives around our jobs, we have more time back to ourselves, and as a result more energy for our creativity and overall quality of life.  

If you’re like YES how do I start!? Join us June 2nd and learn how to go ✨fully remote✨ in this jam-packed 1-hour workshop and Q&A (replay included!)

  • Learn how to tailor your remote job search to see more relevant listings while avoiding work from home scams

  • Stand out as the ideal remote candidate from your resume and LinkedIn using our resume templates and LinkedIn checklist so you can finally start getting some interviews

  • Get the included workbook with list of remote-first companies and remote job friendly websites to help determine your ideal remote position, track your applications and interviews, document contacts, use negotiation scripts, get remote side hustle options, and track your progress

  • Get exclusive 1 on 1 access to me during the Q&A 

  • Access to a replay for those who can't attend live

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