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Want To Learn 3D Modeling For 3D Printing So You Can Design Your Own STL Files From Scratch With Just 20 Minutes A Day?

Join me for my upcoming FREE ‘3D Printing Workshop’ where I’ll teach you the fundamentals of 3D modeling using Blender and reveal the 4 foundational commands that can help you design anything you can imagine from scratch.

  • Blender Setup and Basics

    We'll set up your Blender software to have the MOST EFFECTIVE add ons so you can create the BEST designs

  • Learn Powerful 3d Modeling Techniques

    You'll learn how to use different modifiers to EASILY design anything you want!

  • Modeling Exercises

    We'll 3d model designs, each building upon each other with more techniques that you can use to model your own designs.

  • Model the Super Mario Mushroom!

    We'll even model the Super Mario Mushroom shown here! At the end of the course, you'll also get the STL files so you can print them! 

  • Nikko Mendoza

    Webinar Host

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