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​​​​​​​Bequest Managing Partners Martin SaenzKaveh Mehregan, and Shawn Muneio review current strategies you can deploy TODAY to achieve the types of returns you're looking for along with predictable monthly passive income regardless of what the market may do.  ​​Register to learn more!  

  • Risk Factors To Protect Yourself ?

    We'll review current challenges in the market place today and 3 key risk factors to protect yourself when investing in 2023.

  • Investment Strategies & Smart Diversification?

    We'll discuss investment strategies to consider in 2023, along with key asset classes to consider that are proven during inflationary times.

  • Investing During Recessionary Times?

    We are extremely excited to announce a new fund offering launching in Q1 2023 that will offer you strong returns along with consitent and predictable monthly passive income.  

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