Trace Talks #3: How do we prevent data colonisation?

About the webinar

In the past decade, innovative tech solutions have been making big breakthroughs in the ways we grow, store, transport, distribute and consume food. Behind this progress is the granular data that are provided by or collected from farmers and food workers.

​​​​​​​But as value chains expand beyond borders and data grows to Big Data, do we know who exactly owns the digital information? How can we ensure a farmer's privacy in food supply chains?

In the third episode of Trace Talks, we will dive deeper into the complex topic of data ownership. Let the future of data be transparent!
What you will learn:

  • What exactly is the danger here?  We will discuss the concept of data colonisation;
  • How do we ensure privacy in a big data world?  We will go over several methods for ensuring data ownership in digital agrifood solutions;
  • How to reward smallholder farmers for their data? Now that we established that data can be monetised we will discuss how to reward smallholder farmers for their data.
  • Marten Van Gils

    Tech Director, Fairfood

  • Shiv Aggarwal

    CEO, MyEarth.ID

  • Han Brouwers

    Program Manager Market Development, Solidaridad

  • Jacob Boersma

    Identity and blockchain strategy expert

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