Law of Life Summit - Virtual

The battle for the unborn is raging.  The culture of death is rearing its head in ways not seen in recent history.   Abortion has been declared an essential service in some states while churches have been shut down and prosecuted for defying orders.  

Radical and pro-abortion politican, Kamala Harris became a candidate for the vice presidency.  Harris was directly responsible for the prosecution and persecution of pro-life journalist David Daleiden.  Mr. Daleiden broke the story on Planned Parenthood's fetal body parts harvesting and was subsequently charged criminally.   

But it's not all bad news.  The Culture of Life will prevail. 

Join us for an urgent Law of Life Summit!

You will hear directly from advocates working on the front line to defend the culture of life and religious freedom.  Plus you will receive exclusive accounts of both the legal challenges as well as some of the major successes that have occurred in the last few months. 

Participating organizations include

Thomas More Society with special guest attorneys who are involved in a major class action law suit against Planned Parenthood. 
Plus hear about legal challenges against state mandates to shut down churches and houses of worship.

+ Life Runner's coach and founder Pat Castle will share some incredibly inspiring stories on his work and outreach to defend the unborn across the Country. 

LifeSite founder and editor John-Henry Westen will also debrief us on the spiritual battle raging between the culture of death and culture of life.  

+ Finally hear from Sidewalk Advocates for Life founder Lauren Muzyka on her organization's tireless work to save women and children from abortion during COVID.

This is a virtual event you don't want to miss.  Get inspired and learn first-hand accounts from the front line of the pro-life movement.  

​​​​​​​Space is limited.  Registration is free.​​​​

  • Royce Hood |

    Law of Life Summit Host

  • Dr. Pat Castle | LIFE Runners

    Law of Life Summit Host

  • Paul M. Jonna | Attorney

    Special Counsel, Thomas More Society

  • John-Henry Westen |


  • Lauren Muzyka | Sidewalk Advocates for Life

    Executive Director

  • Andrew Bath | Thomas More Society

    Executive Vice President & General Counsel

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