This Week's Topic:
The Journey Within - "It's an Inside Job"

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  • Renowned Spiritual Teachers 

    Each presenter has years of experience teaching personal growth, inner healing and connecting with Source. Now, they are coming together to share their unified wisdom with you. 

  • For those NEW on their Journey, and the Wayward finding their way back home.

    Each webinar has new topic addressing inner spiritual development and offers question and answer sessions.

  • Why Attend?

    Now is an important time in the evolution of our World. Learn how you can accelerate your ascension as the energy of the Earth changes. We will offer our experience and tools to help you manifest an amazing future.

  • Jay Layton

    Webinar Host

  • Karen Borga

    Webinar Host

  • Jessica Sanchez, MD

    Webinar Host

  • Nicole Frolick

    Webinar Host

  • Jamie Layton

    Webinar Host

  • Jeremy E. McDonald

    Webinar Host

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