Medicare: Making the Choice That's Right for You!

About The Webinar

Take a few minutes to learn about  how to prepare yourself for one of the most expensive parts of your retirment - healthcare.  If you are currently on Medicare, turning 65 this year, or nearing retirement, this webinar is for you! Avoid costly mistakes and make sure you have the most comprehensive coverage at the best available premiums.  

  • Learn about Original Medicare -  Parts A & B, what does it cover, what are you responsible for, and how can you eliminate costs

  • Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage - Education on the two most common Medicare paths.  Learn which is most appropriate for you. 

  • Live Quote Tool -  See first hand how easily you can save with a unique quote tool that can shop Ohio's top supplement carriers.  Book time for your complimentary personalized Medicare analysis. 

  • Bill Smith, MRFC

    CEO W.A. Smith Financial Group

  • Pete Szklarz

    Insurance Specialist W.A. Smith Financial Group

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