International Conference on Law and Human Rights

Reimagining the Vision on Law and Human Rights

About The Conference

This conference strives to highlight the divergent problems and issues relating to the various facets of law and human rights related to the impact caused by the pandemic. Important to note that the pandemic also has very different magnitude on Global North and Global South. A wide range of approaches and discussions should be scrutinized in a very careful way. As the pandemic convulses government confidence and public resilience greatly, trial and error should not be taken for granted, bold and inclusive approaches are much more urgent than ever before.
The International Conference on Law and Human Rights aims to:
1. Provide forum for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers at all stages and across disciplinaries to contribute in solving problems caused by pandemic
2. Advance research ecosystem on policy making process, especially related to law and human rights
3. Promote academic output such as proceedings and journal on law and human rights issues
4. Proceed ideas gathered in the conference as policy recommendation for central and regional divisions.

  • Eldes Natalya Hutagalung


  • Koesmoyo Ponco Aji


  • I Gst. P. Agung Trisna Guna Pradnyana


  • Lukman Supriadi


  • Tajudeen Sanni


  • Gulmok Simbolon


  • Taufik Hidayat Lubis

    Webinar Host

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