Free Performance Thinking Webinar

Developing & Supporting
A Performance Consulting Community of Practice

About the Webinar

Bob Reticker has been training and certifying Performance Thinking Practitioners (Performance Consultants), and teaching The Performance Thinking Coach program for leaders and managers, for over a decade.  He's certified nearly 100 Practitioners, and leads a community of practice of performance consultants who work both inside the company and with external clients. This session will explore what we have learned about building and supporting a community of practice devoted to continuous performance improvement.  We'll talk about topics that include:

  • Building a Performance Improvement Community of Practice

    This includes on-boarding, training, and certifying performance consultants, and building a community of practice based on shared models and language.

  • How We Prepare and Support Internal vs. External Consultants

    There are similarities and a few differences between how consultants operate inside  organizatons where they work, and with external clients. We'll discuss those differences, although Bob says "they're more similar than you'd think."

  • Conducting Performance Analysis within Pragmatic Constraints

    Bob defines and teaches the people whom he certifies and manages about a continuum of project deleivery, from no performance analysis to full accomplishment-based analysis, and how to work within that continuum.

  • Carl Binder

    CEO, The Performance Thinking Network

  • Bob Reticker

    Senior Performance Consultant, Insperity

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