"5 Steps to Go From Anxious & Drained to Calm, Confident, and Energized in ​​​​​Menopause, Midlife, and Beyond"
( . . . so you can get back to achieving your goals, fulfilling your purpose, and loving life)

In this workshop, you're going to learn . . .

  • A step-by-step plan to restore your peace of mind, recharge your energy, and eliminate the life-disruptive symptoms of menopause so you can actually love yourself and your second half of life.

  • Why you're not "crazy" nor are your age and hormones the REAL reasons for a racing mind and a drained body and why believing they are will do nothing but keep you stuck.

  • Why some women continue to feel like they're dragging, both mentally and physically, despite healthy eating and regular exercise, and what our clients do to overcome this.

  • How my clients get out from under their self-defeating overthinking and gain back their confidence, worthiness, and motivation so they can look in the mirror and see true confidence and a REAL smile.

  • The powerful strategy that no other coach is teaching that reveals THE BIGGEST secret to getting YOU back so your creativity and inspiration flows AND you have more energy than you've had in years. It's your true "super power" and it's probably something you never considered.

  • And how to do ALL of this starting RIGHT NOW without hormone replacement therapy, talk therapy, or medication.

  • Susan Hughes, MSEd, HHP, CNC

    Sue is a Professional Midlife Coach who, over the past 14 years, has helped over 1200 high-achieving women in their second half of life restore energy, eliminate mental overwhelm, and build healthy self-worth so they can feel unconditionally happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

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