Let me show you how to make $10k months with Body Sculpting working 13 hours per week! 

0Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong! This is exactly the amount of income coming into my salon @gingerella_rox on a weekly basis PLUS more just with body sculpting. 

If you have been following our instagram for a while you have seen for yourself. Business is BOOMING and it's all due to body sculpting and my EXCLUSIVE mapping techniques that creates insane results for your client, ensuring they come back again and again and again.

Not only for me, but for my Graduates who are earning between $2k - $10k per WEEK working PART-TIME!

Within this webinar you will be learning:

  • What is body sculpting?
    Learn all about the newest trend in beauty i.e BODY SCULPTING which is a combination of fat cavitation, RF skin tightening, vacuum therapy and cellulite reduction.

  • Is this a fit for you?

    Let me show you how this business can fit for everyone! Whether you're already in the industry or not. You do NOT need to be artistic or already in beauty to learn these techniques and the absolute best part about this business is you can do it from HOME and work it around your kids and family! As you don't need a skin penetration licence as these treatments are non-invasive and pain-free!

  • How body sculpting has put my business revenue up 52% on same month last year!

    At a time when the brow and lash industries are getting quieter (my salon felt it too).  I decided to do what all great leaders tell us to do and pivot into something else.  I chose body sculpting as it's virtually an untapped market and BOOM the reason why my business is absolutely booming again!  

    However, it's not only down to that, I did come up with my own EXCLUSIVE mapping techniques that creates these amazing snatched AF results and this is why we have quickly became the No.1 place to go in Perth for body sculpting.  No other salons or trainers offer these mapping techniques.

    PLUS how it's changed over 200 of my students lives and witness the stories that they are making obscene amounts of money from this working SMARTER NOT HARDER!

  • How body sculpting brings in more new clientele into your existing salon for brows and lashes etc.
    Bringing body sculpting into @gingerella_rox actually brought in a whole new clientele.  At least 1000 new clients in the last 9 months, which they then started coming to us for their brows and skin too! 

  • Who am I to teach you? 
    I'm Kelly McIntosh and I built a 6 figure brow business within 10 months with NO beauty or business experience. 

    Fast forward to 9 years and I now still have my million dollar beauty business @gingerella_rox but I also have a huge wealth of knowledge and business experience that I want to share with you! 

    I am also a Certified Trainer & Assessor within my salon training people in cosmetic tattoos, brows and body sculpting. For more info about me, check out our Insta links below:

    Salon @gingerella_rox
    6 figure business advice @kellymcintosh___

    Ok girl! Let's get started...sign up for this FREE webinar and get all the goss. You literally have NOTHING to lose! 

    ​​​​​​​Kelly xo

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    Webinar Host

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