Developing a Case for Support for Successful Grant Writing

Do you often feel as though your nonprofit is constantly shifting funding priorities? Does everyone respond to the “What do you need money for?” question with a different answer or no real answer at all?

There is a solution to get your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy organized and an absolute must before launching a grant writing campaign. The single most important document your nonprofit needs before writing grant requests is a case for support. With a well written, organized, and compelling case for support, your nonprofit can be confident that you are prepared to answer any question from a potential funder with responses that inspire long-term support and impactful contributions.

Please join Melanie Lambert, grant expert and founder of
TurnKey Writing Solutions, to learn how to develop and use a concise and engaging case for support to improve the quality of your grant requests and build strong relationships with grant makers.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
-Why cases for support are critical to a nonprofit’s fundraising success, particularly grant writing
-Best practices for drafting a high quality case for support with grant writing in mind
-How to manage your time and tasks to develop a case for support in three months or less
-Using the content from your case for support in grant proposals
-Ways to engage foundations in your overall campaign beyond their grant support
-What donors and grant-makers expect from your case for support

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