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How to stop doing the little things so
​​​​​​​you can make time for the stuff you love.

If you could offload all of the small stuff and busy work to a competent, trained and managed assistant, what would you do with the free time?  How good would that be for your clients, customers and bottom line?  

We'll show you how we did it and give you concrete steps to grow your team, grow your business and get back one day a week or more.  Use that time however you want.  You're the boss!  

  • Lael Sturm

    Webinar Host

  • Admin Tasks

    How much of your day is spent in your inbox?  How about scheduling?  Email and calendars are time sucks and your time is worth something. 

  • Marketing Tasks
    Do you post to your business profiles (LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram) every day?  Of course not!  Who has the time?  We'll tell you how to get this handled.  

  • Bookeeping Tasks

    Compiling reciepts, updating client credit cards, chasing down accounts recievables, keeping track of filing deadlines...If bookeeping is not your core business, someone else should handle all of this.  

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