Free Webinar

A walk through of the videoBIO Campus training and practice system for Students

What you will learn in 10 minutes.

In this 10 minute webinar you will be introduced to the videoBIO Campus system and its features to support students in their interview and career success. 

  • Coach-led training and practice

    Send exercises and interviews and review student responses. Provide feedback.  

  • Student-led interview skills practice

    Students can practice across a wide range of interview test types for various stages of the interviews and role-specific interview questions.  Students will learn the skills of how to respond to questions and use competency-based language in their response.

  • Automated AI Results

    Students will receive automated AI results on their self-led practice which will include feedback on their presentation, use of language, use of time and overall accuracy in the detail and language in their responses. Students can do the interview again to try and improve their score.  Students can also share their self-led practice with their coach for review.

  • Catharine Fennell

    Webinar Host

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