​​​​​​​Free Webinar - December 16, 1 pm EST

How to effectively engage digital volunteers so they’ll stay active

The success of many higher education programs and experiences is heavily dependent on digital participation from alumni volunteers. Over the last decade, volunteerism in the digital space has become imperative for alumni associations and advancement teams looking to grow giving days, crowdfunding campaigns, and other virtual philanthropic initiatives.

Alumni network platforms and other virtual mentoring programs have further compounded the need for digital volunteers. Without a core group of alumni dedicated to creating activity in our online communities, they become dormant. If we’re not diligent in engaging our digital volunteers, activity levels decrease until it’s just the staff doing all the posting and commenting.

Ultimately, it’s only in the digital space where we can develop meaningful volunteer opportunities for anyone that wants to help. Scaling up digital volunteerism requires new tools and approaches. We will share success stories and analyze why they worked as well as contrast them with approaches that tend to be unproductive.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the hard truths about engaging alumni digital volunteers. We’ll discuss what motivates and sustains volunteer activity levels in an era that, due to COVID-19, has become vastly more digitally focused. Attendees will hear from industry experts and fellow practitioners that have dedicated themselves to the challenge of enhancing digital volunteerism.

  • Ryan Catherwood

    Webinar Host and Network Catalyst at Protopia

  • Gerald Harris

    Senior Director of Campus and Student Engagement, Duke University

  • Kim Infanti

    Executive Director, Digital Engagement, Syracuse University

  • Nicole Perkins

    Director, Alumni Engagement, Longwood University

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