3 FREE Healthy Coping Skills for STRESS​​​​​​​

Healthy Coping Skills for STRESS

About the Webinar

STRESS - its effect on your body & 3 FREE ways to de-stress!

Join Dr Adele in her free webinar where she will share some healthy ways in which you can cope with stress. Enjoy optimal wellness and prevent disease.

Dr Adele will share 3 Powerful Stress Management Techniques that you can practice to reduce your risk of disease and to stay healthy, which researchers suggest have potentially powerful effects on your immune system.

Did you know that chronic stress and anxiety can actually make you more likely to catch a cold or become ill? It’s no surprise that stress has negative impacts on a person’s health. Reducing stress isn’t just good for your mental health, it also improves your body’s immune response.

Enjoy optimal wellness and prevent disease, register below.

  • Webinar Host - Dr Adele Pelteret

    Dr. Adele practices as a natural medicine ‘GP’ in Cape Town, where she uses an individualised approach to diagnose and treat patients. Qualified Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Teacher, and Functional Medicine Lifestyle Consultant – with BSc degrees in both Complementary Medicine and Naturopathy. National Secretary for the SA Naturopathy Association (SANA), a member of the South African Society for Integrative Medicine (SASIM), and on the World Naturopathic Federation's Antimicrobial Resistance Committee. She does international telemedicine consultations with patients around the world.

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