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Let's Talk About The Six Boxes Model

The Six Boxes® Model evolved during the 1980s, inspired by Gilbert's Behavior Engineering Model.  The labels for its cells emerged from several years of user testing, successfully eliminating initial learning and  communication errors during initial learning and communication.

Over several decades, the Six Boxes Model has become a robust design engineering framework, used by performance consultants, leaders and managers to optimize productivity and employee engagement.  When added to accomplishment-based performance analysis using the Performance Chain model, it became part of Performance Thinking, a comprehensive continuous improvement methodology used in organizations around the globe.

This session unpacks some historical details, clarifies common confusions about its origin and evolution, and touches on a few current applicatons and implicications of the model, as used by practitioners, leaders and managers.

  • Dr. Carl Binder

  • Origins of The Six Boxes Model

    Learn how the Six Boxes Model emerged from Tom Gilbert's brilliant but often misunderstood Behavior Engineering Model.

  • The Six Boxes Model in Performance Design
    See how the process of Analysis, Brainstorming, and Choosing supports a Design Engineering disclpline.

  • Six Boxes Applications and Insights

    Learn about some of the more cutting edge applications of the Six Boxes Model as part of Performance Thinking.

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