Gray Divorce: Protect Your Finances

Protect yourself financially during a divorce.
In 2015, the divorce rate of couples over 50 was double the 1990 rate. For those over 65, it had roughly tripled in 25 years. Later-in-life divorce is on the rise. 

Unlike young divorcées, older couples may have additional concerns to address, including division of retirement benefits, confusion over beneficiaries, and more complicated marital estates to divide up.​​​​​​​

  • They say you always get half in California. What's the reality?

  • How do you stop your spouse from hiding your money?

  • What's the #1 mistake most people make when going through a divorce?

  • David Hollander

    Webinar Host

  • Chris Olofson

    Divorce Financial Advocate

  • Vivian Holley

    Former Family Law, Mediator and Collaborative Law Attorney

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