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Blood Pattern Analysis: It's Written in the Blood

You are invited to attend our upcoming CPD certified webinar: Blood Pattern Analysis: It’s Written in the Blood, presented by Clare Jarman, Forensic Biologist at Forensic Access.
Clare Jarman has over 20 years of experience as a forensic biologist giving evidence in court in a range of cases including historic, murder and physical and sexual assault.
In this webinar our expert will be discussing:

  • Blood detection and enhancement techniques
  • An overall awareness, uses and limitations of blood pattern analysis
  • Types of blood stains and patterns
  • Attribution of blood through DNA profiling 
  • Drying times and ageing of blood
  • Use of experimentation in BPA
This webinar aims to highlight best techniques to use in finding blood at a crime scene, whilst understanding the limitations of different techniques. It aims to show a greater understanding of the role of a Forensic Scientist: Biology as they interpret and assess blood patterns in a criminal investigation.


  • Clare Jarman

    Forensic Biologist

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