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Minerals in Personal Care Products

About the Webinar

Minerals have become an essential raw material in the cosmetics and personal care markets. They address the need of environmental friendliness that is sought after with their natural profile. Even with this positive attribute there is a dark perception to minerals in the market as well, with the growing concern over asbestos, dioxin and heavy metals.

​​​​​​​Like most of the chemicals currently under attack, people base the safety of minerals on a few facts that are not relevant to today’s manufacturing practices and standards. These minerals have a place in a formulator’s toolbox and offer a natural and safe option to many applications. Join us as we discuss what the reality of current minerals safety is, address misconceptions and identify the general applications of minerals such as talc, kaolin, perlite and diatomaceous earth. 

  • Frances Troy

    Webinar Speaker

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