The Animal Welfare App - Live Demo

  • Animal Registry 

    See how easy it is to manage your stock list and census transactions with our intuitive Animal Registry feature. 

  • Session/Feed Records

    Our flexible session record module gives you all the tools you need to efficiently record feeds and interactions with your animal population. 

  • Exhibit/Habitat Monitoring
    Our powerful suite of exhibit/habitat tools allow you to record and track environmental results, treatments, maintenance and more. 

  • Health Management

    With complete pharmacy management, therapy plans that populate to session records and sophisticated lab management features; the Animal Welfare App provides essentials tools to take care of all your health management needs.

  • Analytics

    See how your records can work for you with our powerful interactive data visualization tools!

  • Todd Feucht

    Webinar Host

  • Mark Simmons

    Webinar Host

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