Patent Strategy: Critical Aspects of a Strong Defense

You may not have time for a 1-hour Webinar, but you can afford 20 minutes to review these best practices and revisit your own approach to managing your IP. Specifically, join us as we explore the two sides of an effective IP defense strategy.   

A strong IP defense leverages your own IP while also protecting against others'.  

In this brief Webinar, we will share how you can leverage the best practices approach to IP management of leading technology companies to perform these critical functions.

  • Assess IP Risk

    Perform an honest self-assessment regarding your organization's IP risk. Identify limiting factors regarding risk-mitigation or defense activities that might be taken. 

  • Form a Protective Shield

    Iinsulate the company from the IP of others.

  • Optimize Company Value

    You filed for IP protection for a reason. Leverage the rights afforded to you by your own IP to maximize company value.  

  • Robb Evans

    COO, Global Patent Solutions LLC

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