75-min Free Online Workshop

March 9, 2 PM (UTC+1)
The Power of Inside Flow
Info Workshop and Q&A about the Inside Flow Teacher Training

No pressure! You don't HAVE to become a teacher, you can just flow with us, experience some #flowglow magic, and get some questions about your flow answered.

Are you in love with Inside Flow? Then this is for you!

💫 Young Ho, the Founder of Inside Flow will share his vision and magic of Inside Flow with you during a joyful practice.

🙋‍♀️ After that, we will go into a Q&A that will allow you to find out how YOU can be one of the next Inside Flow teachers that share the power of Inside Flow all over the world.

Click the video below to see what this experience could look like  ⬇️

  • Young Ho Kim

    Your Teacher & Host

  • Mike Brawanski


  • A shared Inside Flow experience

    led by Inside Flow Founder Young Ho Kim

  • A deep dive

    into the Power of Inside Flow and the magical Flow-State

  • Q&A and a clear step-by-step guide

    everything you need to know if you want to dive deeper or become an Inside Flow teacher

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